Lights are used to create different kinds of effects for various holidays and celebrations. In the simplest form, the flip of a light switch can do wonders to a party. However, purchasing your lights is not as easy. One should also assess the availability and location of a power source. Most lights require an electrical socket, but there are also others that are alternatively powered.

Battery Lights

Battery-powered lights are, as the name suggests, operated through batteries. There are brands that work through lithium-ion, lithium coin, AAA, AA, C or D batteries. These can work well for indoor or outdoor parties. They are convenient and easy to install because there is no need for you to place them near an outlet. However, battery-powered lights require more maintenance than some other power sources.

Solar Lights

Solar-operated lights do not require any electric or battery power. They can be charged through exposure to direct sunlight, thus solar lights are best for outdoor use. These lights come in a variety of different forms and styles such as string lights, lanterns, or stake lights.

Solar lights are environmentally friendly. They do not require any additional power costs. The only problem is that solar lighting has a limited nature based on its charging capacities.

LED Lights

LED lighting in general is more efficient and longer lasting than any other type of light source. It works through Light Emitting Diodes embedded in a plastic capsule. These produce light through an applied voltage to negatively charged semiconductors. This causes electrons to combine and create a unit of light called photon.  Because they are small, several LEDs are sometimes combined to produce a single light bulb. It is also being developed for other applications within the home.

When choosing lights to create the perfect party atmosphere, it is important that a buyer makes initial considerations such as the venue, theme and power source available. At ShowPro Productions, we can help you choose and install the lights that will give life to your party. To know more, give us a call now at 336-214-7187.